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LQ-XB700/800 Non woven box bag making machine (5 in 1)

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    Model and origin

      Type LQ-XB700/800
      Roller width 1350mm/1400mm
      Bag making speed 20-100pcs/min
    Mainly Technical Parameter Bag width 200-580mm/680mm
    Bag length 100-800m
    Bag specification 30-100gsm
    Power supply 220v,50HZ
      Total power 15/18kw
      Overall size LQ-XB700:L12500*W1920*H2000mm LQ-XB800:L12500*W2020*H2000mm

    Mainly machine

    Blanking unit one set
    Horizontal traction unit one set
    Vertical fold unit one set
      Blanking way magnetic powder tension controller
    Roller unit Roller control device φ3" (φ)76mm) Air Shaft
      Roller diameter φ1000mm
      Roller control device φ3" (φ76mm) Air Shaft
      Correcting deviation device Automatic  correcting deviation
      Automatic shutdown system Photoelectric eye
      Plate Stainless steel
      Power control system Special motor tension driver system

    Controller and Roller

    Ultrasonic system 700model:55mm*3pcs;300mm*2pcs; 100 X200mm/pcs; 800model:55mm*3pcs;240mm*3pcs; 100 X200mm/pcs
    Temperature control system domestic temperature control unit


    Operation man-machine interface touch control
      Relay Omron
      Pneumatic component Air TAC Taiwan
      Temperature gauge Zhejiang brand
      Switch CHINT
      Inverter DVTAIZHOU j
      Converter motor SUCHUAN Shanghai
      Touch Screen(PLC) WENINEWTaiwan brand


Final Products This machine can produce somedifferent kinds non woven bag from 40 to 100GSM .Such as shoes bag .box bag ,flat bag ,T-shirt bag etc


Most of them from Japan

Free parts

switch 3 pcs:spring 30 pcs: synchronousbelt 3 pcs :approach switch 2 pcs Relay 2 pcs;tool box 1 set; electronic valve 3

Pcs :grease gun 1 pc;

  Handle part By Automatic
  The width of unwinding rolls 500-600mm
  Speed of production 40-60pcs/min
  Non woven fabric thickness 60-120gsm
  Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
  Total power 9kw
  Overall size 4400x1250x1650mm
  Unwinding Unit 2 sets
  Diameter of roller 600mm
  Operation Touch screen
  Solid relay Omron, Japan
  Pneumatic component Air TAC Taiwan
  Switch Schneider
  Motor Stepping motor
  Touch screen WEINVIEW Taiwan


Six sets ,Ruining brand

Free parts

Switch:3pcs:spring:30pcs: synchronous belt:1pcs: Solid relay:2pcs;tool box: 1 set:oil gun:1pc

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